21+ Best Wooden Storage Containers to keep you organized in style

Containers can be very ugly, but unstored stuff can be even uglier. Thankfully we all love wooden storage containers, as they give a good finish to the style in your home, they can keep your home beautiful, tastefull and organized. Believe it or not, there are tons of great looking Wooden storage containers that will transform your room to a room that will fit into the magazines. In this article, we’ll be going over 21 of our favorite wooden storage containers/bins to keep you organized


1)Rustic Wooden Crates

Add a touch of rustic charm to any country theme room or home with an old, wooden box that can hold small items or be used as part of a centerpiece. It also can be used outside in little flower and herbal gardens if lined with clear or black gardening friendly plastic.

2)Wooden bread box

Wooden Bread Box
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Many may remember this being in their grandmother’s kitchen; it still has the marvelous use of protecting one’s bread. If anything, one can also use the bread box to store other items that they want to hide like sweeties and chocolates. One can also store fruits and veggies on top of the box to keep the counter free.


3)Small, Solid Wooden Boxes


This item is perfect for anyone who is highly organized and for anyone tight on the amount of space they can work with. Be it a light or dark color, a box of this size can add elegance and a sense of order to any room without being overbearing or too obvious.

4)Wooden Jars

Wooden Jars are lovely to have in one’s kitchen for multiple reasons. The most popular is that while keeping items such as spices, herbs, and coffee grinds fresh, the design of the jars themselves do not distract from the theme décor theme of the kitchen itself. Wooden jars are durable and keep items fresher longer then most plastic jars can.


5)Wooden storage organizer for the kitchen


Having an organized kitchen that can hold everything that one could want is a dream for many. While adding a soft modern twist to the design of the kitchen, having a wooden box organizer for Tupperware, silver wear, and plastic plates can make life easier in small pleasurable ways in the long run.


6)A Wooden Tray


An excellent way to organize one’s living room is with wooden trays. Be it a rustic or an age wooden tray, there are multiple uses one could use a plate for. Besides carrying food and drinks, it can be used on a coffee table to hold a tv remote, a center or decorative centerpiece, and reading materials to give a few ideas.

7)Rustic finish wooden boxes

Having more of a farmhouse vibe to it, a box or cart like this works like flower bed boxes. These boxes are a great way to add color and texture to a back yard or any flower garden. It can be placed on brick walls or tables. One is not limited to where a flower bed can grow.

8)Large bamboo box

While small solid boxes are great for the organization of the home, having a large one is good to have when it comes to storing food. Dry items like rice and beans in the pantry or to collecting fruits like apples, organs, or watermelons for examples from the garden are just some of the uses one can do with a large bamboo box. If one did not want to use it in the kitchen, one could use it as the family shoe bin.


9)Dark Wooden Jar with lip


Wooden jars add a refreshing décor to any kitchen or bathroom that has little to no décor theme A perfect way to protecting herbs and spices, a wooden jar with a lid will provide the protection that is desired while adding to the beauty of the room. The top also locks for added security and freshness.


10)Wooded office supply organizer


A great way to organize any office or writing desk is a small to medium pencil and marker wooden stand-up box. One can hold what goes into each container, and since it is a plain wooden box, an adult or a child can paint it to add beauty to the desk area.

11) Double layer Wooden Bread Box

A double layer bread box has the fantastic benefit of holding multiple bread products at one time and not taking up a lot of space. While a small bread box expands out taking up counter space and only contains one loaf of bread, a double layer bamboo bread box expands up against the wall and can hold a wide range of bread products at one time.


12)Farmhouse Wooden Box


Wide enough to hold DVDs or video games, this box can add beauty and usability to any room and blend into nearly any décor theme. Another use would be to use it in the garden. Nail it to a wooden fence to have flowers scaling up to brighten any dull wall.

13)Stackable Wooden Boxes

Plain wooden boxes can be painted any color that one could want while still offering the organization and stability that a person could need. Stackable wooden boxes allow one to pack what items that they like and can fit in them while still allowing room for creativity when it comes to placing them.


14)Wooden Chest with hinged lid

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfB-yv0HluF/

Having wooden Chests are coming back into style, which a good thing because they are durable, can hold a wide range of ideas, and come in different stylish designs. A wooden chest can be stored at the end of the bed and hold extra blankets or be used as an end table. If one wanted to mimic the past, one could use this for luggage for traveling, but it is recommended that one only does so if they travel by bus or by train.

15)Wooden Tea Box

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The convenience of having a wooden tea box is a sweet treat for the lid has a clear glass or plastic at the top so one can see what they have. If one were crafty enough, one could hang this on a wall in the kitchen. However, tea is not the only thing that can be stored in here. Small items of hot chocolate could also work in it as well.


16)Stackable Wooden boxes with lid


These wooden boxes have lids that open upward and out, which still allows for natural stacking abilities but also allows for easy accessibility to the container inside. These wooden boxes can hold items like flour, sugar, or steal oats, to name a few. It would blend into the background of any kitchen but not take up too much counter space.


17)Wooden box with a removable lid


A wooden box with this type of lid gives it upper class feels in a minimalistic way. This can be decorated in so many ways that their imagination only limits one. It can be painted or be covered with fabric. This can be used as a jewelry box, a cigar box, or a box holding precious items.


18)Wooden box with hinged lid


A box like this would be used more to hold precious items inside the home than anything else. No matter color, it is made from or painted, lining it with velvet is perfect for protecting the family’s silver or family heirlooms. It also can be used to hold jewelry or other items deals precious and valuable.


19)5-piece bamboo box set


This Bamboo box set is excellent for silver wear or kitchen utilizes drawer’s organizer. Short and wide, they could fit into many different size drawers. Also, since they are a piece set, they do not all have to go into one drawer but can be spread out to other drawers as well.


20)White wooden box lined with linen


A box lined with linen allows for a polished look and is often used for the storage of bathroom items. This lined box can be stored under the sink, holding extra soaps and cleaning products, or be placed on the counter or on the toilet to hold extra towels.


21)Chalkboard wooden boxes

This rustic wooden box has the bonus of having a chalkboard. Each box can be labeled about what the contents are inside. On the other hand, they can be marked with what the boxes will soon contain. They still can be stacked and add cuteness to the rustic feel that these boxes give off.


22)Wooden Chest with a removable lid

With rope for handles, this type of rustic wooden Chest is a bold and lovely statement when it comes to decoration. It could also be placed at the end of the bed to hold extra blankets, be used as a night stand or a side table for a rustic feel, be used like an ottoman, or could be used to keep shoes by the front door.

No matter what one chooses, any one of these wooden boxes and chests listed above would be an added benefit to any room, home, or garden. It would also make life easier and better looking.

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