Welcome to Homelyverse

My name is Jessica Barnes and i’m the writer on Homelyverse, your page for all things home, like home improvement, design ideas, home product reviews, and a place to help you improve your home and make it more than a place.

About 3 years ago I moved and had to make quick decisions and come up with ideas to how I wanted to live. It was hard as there was a lot I wanted to get and do, and it quickly became overwhelming. I wanted to do some research online, but a lot of the more niche down features and products i wanted in my home was not written about online. So i had to do my own research, and order products just to return them.

But i gained some insight and fell in love with researcing different products and comparing it. That is why homelyverse was created. To share the research I loved to collect.

Hopefully you will enjoy my content and find some inspiration to your home.