Best Bacon Grease Container in 2020 and Reviews + FAQ

Best Bacon grease Container: When you hear the word bacon, your mind instantly starts depicting all the tasty meals you can get out of it, and the mouth automatically gets salivated. 

Check out the 5 best containers here, or continue reading for reviews of each of the containers.

Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner; you can never say no to bacon. Now obviously, you can’t have the meat all day long; that’s too much protein for the body. So how about adding a bacon flavor to your everyday snacks? Sounds like a great option!

Cooking a one time meal and then saving the rest of the fat for later is excellent for the budget too as you are cutting down on the kitchen waste. To store the grease, you need to get your hands on the best bacon grease container and say goodbye to the mason jars and coffee mugs.

And also, what is the point of throwing the extra fat away when you can store, save, and reuse the animal fat and make unlimited delicious recipes with a subtle touch of bacon in it?

Not to let you wait any further, here is a detailed review of the best bacon grease containers you can find. So let’s begin!


Best Bacon Grease Container – Product Reviews

1. Ayesha Curry Enamel on Steel Bacon Grease Container


  • Plenty of room for storage
  • Easy cleanup
  • Modern colors
  • Durable 


  • Does not come with a strainer


Durable Construction

Ayesha Curry is a name you cooking freaks must have heard of already. Just like many cookware produced by the brand, this is the best bacon grease container to save the grease and reuse it later. How? Let’s start with the construction.

So, it is built with heavy gauge steel material that ensures long term durability. It has a high-performance design that allows you to use it for several years while complementing the modern kitchen outlook.  

Enamel Coating

The modern colors with quality enamel coating provide a stylish accent to your stovetop. Furthermore, this colorful enamel layer is stain-resistant, making it easy to clean the Can after every use. 

Easy Handling

To add on to the brilliant design further, this bacon grease container features a super handy structure. The enamel lid sits perfectly on the top of the container, neither very tight nor very loose, exactly how you want it. Additionally, the sturdy and robust handle attached to the lid aids you easily handle the bacon grease. 

Furthermore, you can fearlessly pour in the grease as it’s improbable for this container to trip over during the use.


This is genuinely the best bacon grease container, offering huge storage volume to hold more and cover less space. This grease can is around 4 inches tall and has a diameter of 4 inches – a perfect dimension for storing about two cups of bacon grease at a time.

2. Golden Hills Mercantile Bacon Grease Container


Sturdy Material

Looking for the best bacon grease container with Strainer? Golden Hills Bacon grease container contains all that you want. 

With leakproof, robust metal construction, it is long-lasting and is an ideal choice to store the leftover bacon fat. However, like others, it is not recommended for stove or oven use, but you can pour in the sizzling hot bacon grease right from the pan, and this product won’t chip or crack.

Classic Design

The simple and stylish white enamel covering with old-fashioned lettering enhances the beauty of your kitchen. Where it is designed to last long, manufacturers didn’t forget to fill it with small aesthetic details that give more of a classy farmhouse touch to the kitchen.

Ample Storage

Well, cool design and quality material is excellent, but you need enough space inside to store plenty of fat, right? This bacon grease Can has got it covered.

Offering an ideal 4 x 4 dimension, enough to store around 2 ½ cups of grease every time you decide to add the recipes’ bacon flavor. 

Mesh Strainer

No more little leftover pieces of fried bacon, thanks to this mesh strainer that Keeps unwanted pieces out of your way. This strainer is made up of metal that is as durable as the whole container itself.

Holding handle and lid

You can hold it like a cup for easy pouring and cover it with the safe lid that fits the container’s snug. The design, construction, and dimensions everything about this container is perfect, making it the best bacon grease container that is pricey but delivers value for the money offered.


  • Durable material
  • Takes less space
  • Stores plenty of bacon fat
  • Complements the overall display of the kitchen.


  • Pricey
  • The knob on the lid is not very convenient to use.

3. Evelots Oil Storage Can Strainer-Container


Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless steel construction is perfect and has the best performance out of all the materials. It is Heavy Duty and long-lasting without any paint or enamel coating, so no worries about the paint chipping off and falling in the grease. Furthermore, this steel material is dishwasher safe making this product to secure a position as the best bacon grease container with increased durability.  

Easy Grip

This bacon grease container has an attached handle made out of steel for easy handling and apparent straining. The removable steel strainer with handle allows the clear filtering of the oil. Furthermore, the steel lid on top covers the container, perfectly keeping all the keto bacon fat contained.


From daily kitchen use to storing the bacon drippings, this is the best bacon grease container with Strainer that allows you to use it for several purposes. You can use it as a grease filter, cooking oil dispenser, sifting flour or straining gravy, and much more; this grease container offers a lot at an affordable price.

Broad Size

Furthermore, this is truly the best bacon grease container for storing a large amount of product. It measures around 4.25 inches in height and more than 5 inches wide, taking up to 1.25 quartz (equals 5 fluid cups without the strainer) of bacon grease or any cooking oil of your liking.


  • Inexpensive
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Big size


    • Beware of the harmful contents used in manufacturing, like chromium and nickel.
    • The filter might get rusty after several uses.

4. Aulett Home Bacon Grease Container With Strainer


Elegant Design

Thinking of going basic? This would be the best bacon grease container with an old and straightforward fashion design for you.  

The high-quality stainless steel increases the durability of this container. Moreover, you can easily wash it, and it would be just as new and super shiny with every wash. 

Strainer with Spout

Apart from durable construction material, you are getting a steel mesh strainer, which is medium-fine if not super fine making sure all the impurities are strained properly. This is indeed the best bacon grease container with Strainer as it also has a little pour spout for easy pouring of cooking oil or the bacon grease.

Perfect Size

It has the perfect size with a diameter of approximately 5 inches wide, and it is 4.5 inches high. These are the best dimensions that allow you to place your bacon grease container around the stove or any small space. 

For your reference, it can hold up to 1.25 quart (around 5 cups) of bacon grease, which won’t stink if you reuse it at the right time.

Easy Grip

Furthermore, it has a brilliant design with a curved handle that your hands can perfectly grip on. It is highly unlikely for the handle to heat up with the poured hot grease. The lid on top helps you to cover the jar and blocks the entrance of further impurities. Additionally, the knob on the stainless steel lid makes it easy to take it off whenever you are ready to pour in the oil.


  • Easy to use
  • Made up of 410 stainless steel
  • Spout for easy pouring
  • Designed well


  • Lid slips off quite often
  • Some customers were disappointed by the poor quality

5. Gator Goods Bacon Grease Oil Container 


High-Quality Material

If you know how to take proper care of the container while cleaning it from time to time, this container will surely last you longer. However, it is hard to keep it safe since it is made from ceramic, so you have to be more cautious in handling it. Furthermore, it is available in various colors to go with your classic kitchen outlook.

Hidden Strainer

So far, this is one feature that has impressed almost all the customers. This steel strainer does the perfect job of filtering out even the tiny bits of meat. The ultra-fine screening ability makes it the best bacon grease container with Strainer giving you 100% pure bacon fat.

Exclusive Pour Spout

This is the exceptional and the best bacon grease container with a cute little pour spout built on the jar. With this feature, you can efficiently discharge every last drop of the animal fat out from the container into the pan.

Storage Capacity 

Just like an ideal bacon grease container, this Gator goods bacon grease container is 5 inches wide and around 4.5 inches tall. With this much volume, it has up to 4 cups of fluid capacity stored safely and reused later. You can make pancakes, eggs, savory shrimps, and popcorns, all with a flavor of bacon in them!


  • Great Quality
  • Ample Storage volume
  • Built-in pour spout
  • Superfine strainer


  • Most expensive
  • No handle on the exterior of the container.

Best bacon Grease Containers 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to safely store Bacon Grease?

  1. First, you need to filter out the fat’s impurities and store them at room temperature in an airtight container. Moreover, keeping it in the refrigerator will give you months or years of saving and a fresh serving every time you need to cook a new recipe.

Click here to read more about how to store bacon grease

Q. Which brand has the best bacon grease container with Strainer? 

  1. A. It depends on the construction quality and not the brand as a whole. But so far, Aulett has gained a name in the market and is an absolute favorite of the people in producing the best bacon grease container that is too affordable.

Q. How to correctly dispose of the bacon fat?

  1. A. First of all, avoid pouring it down the drain as it can clog your pipes, and then you will have to go through the expensive plumbing process. Instead, you can directly throw it in the bin or use a bacon grease container to store it and then reuse to cook more delicious meals out of it later.

Q. Are these bacon grease containers safe to use?

  1. Absolutely! The harmless materials used in the manufacturing and the sturdy construction provides a healthy environment to the product inside. However, always read the specifications on the package to know a product better.


Your kitchenware is not incomplete without a bacon grease container, but your beautiful mugs are indeed safe from all the grease and the smell. So one way or another getting the best bacon grease container will solve your minor cooking problems. 

So, get your hands on the best grease container with Strainer and get rid of the excess kitchen waste and enjoy more delightful meals in the meantime. Hopefully, this review was an easy catch for all the bacon lovers. Happy Cooking!

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