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Best Pasta Makers 2020 Reviews, Ratings, Comparison & Buying Guide

Best Pasta Makers 2020 : There is a certain joy in making food from scratch. Sure, the boxed pasta available at grocery stores may seem like less hectic option that does not even cost a lot but it can never replace the taste of freshly made pasta. Whether you make pasta to impress your guests or simply to indulge in your new pasta making hobby; a pasta maker can definitely add the oomph factor to your kitchen. On selecting the best suited pasta maker, you can make the perfect pasta having a uniform texture and consistency time after time. With a pasta maker, you get to decide the flavour, ingredients, type, and quality of the pasta that you eat. Pasta can never get healthier than that!

Best Pasta Makers Reviews

Best Pasta Makers 2020

Is a Pasta Maker Worth the Investment?

You can still make homemade pasta without a pasta maker but that would require nearly double the effort. On the other hand, the cost of a pasta maker could range from $20 to $200. Therefore, it is natural to consider whether purchasing a pasta maker is the right decision. Furthermore, homemade pasta can cost much more than the store bought variety. One should also not forget that making pasta at home can be a time consuming task irrespective of how much easier the task gets with the intervention of a pasta maker. Plus, unlike boxed pasta, you cannot store fresh pasta for prolonged periods.

Keeping the cons in mind, there are some solid advantages of making your own pasta at home. You can enjoy the goodness of fresh pasta even if you have food allergies, of course, after eliminating the allergens from the ingredients. Similarly, you have absolute control over the ingredients by which you can make pasta healthier. And most importantly: Homemade pasta tastes absolutely delectable.
Finally, it all boils down to how often you eat pasta and the kind of pasta maker that you intend to buy, which could tip the scales against or in favour of making the purchase.

Types of Pasta Maker

Largely, Pasta Makers can be divided into two main types: Manual (or hand-driven) and Electric (or motor-driven).

Some electric pasta makers can do all the work for you, right from kneading the dough to cutting the pasta sheets into strips. In contrast, manual pasta makers rely on brute force to turn the hand-crank that will roll out the pasta sheets. You can control the thickness of the pasta by regulating the distance between the rollers through a knob present on the side of the pasta maker.

Another significant difference between the two is the price tag that they bear. A fully automatic pasta making machine costs near about $100 to $200, while a manual pasta maker could cost 1/10th of that price.

Here’s a quick summary of the two:

Manual Pasta Maker

• They have a hand crank that rolls out the dough fed into the pasta maker.
• It carries out the basic operations of rolling and cutting the pasta and is used for longer style pasta like spaghetti and fettuccine.
• They require some elbow grease but are easier than making homemade pasta by hand.
• Due to a very basic design and structure, these pasta makers can last quite a long while, making them reliable and value for money items.
• Lastly, they are extremely affordable.

Automatic Pasta Maker

• They can carry out more operations, including kneading the pasta dough and are motor-driven.
• These pasta makers can make a wider variety of pasta, including macaroni or ziti.
• Since everything is mechanised, the pasta making process is easy.
• Because it carries electric components, the machine needs to undergo regular maintenance and the fear of failure of any such component makes it comparatively less reliable than the manual pasta maker.
• They can leave a sizable dent on your pockets

10 Best Pasta Maker Reviews, Pros & Cons & Verdict

We have shortlisted some of the best pasta makers that are currently available in the market. The factors that we have considered include your budget, brand and brand value, durability, build, ease of cleaning, material composition, types of pasta produced, features and specifications, and feedback from first-hand users of these products. We have also considered the key points that have been previously mentioned. The following is a broad spectrum of pasta makers accommodating varied prices, types, etc. for all readers.

After extensive research and weighing out the pros and cons, we have zeroed down on the following pasta making machines:

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, Made in Italy, Chrome, Includes Pasta Cutter, Hand Crank, and Instructions

Marcato is a globally famous brand and its Atlas line of pasta makers have earned a great reputation amongst pasta lovers, hailed as the Ferrari of all pasta making machines. Using this pasta maker, you can make fresh and traditional Italian pastas like the fettuccine, tagliolini, and lasagne. The machine brings with itself a piece of Italy inside your kitchen.

It allows you to roll out dough in 10 different thicknesses. The rollers bear a rough surface due to which the pasta turns out to be more absorbent. Amongst the various variants of Marcato available in the market, there are some that come with a motor attached to the crank. Therefore, you get a convertible pasta maker that you can use either in manual or automatic mode.

  • Allows room for additional attachments. This includes a Pasta Drive Motor and Pasta Cutting accessories.
  • Includes a 10-year warranty and has a sturdy build.
  • Has 10 levels of thicknesses ranging from 0.6mm to 4.8mm and has a smoothly working mechanism.
  • The plastic fingers to cut the pasta are detachable, making the pasta maker easy to wash.

  • Those who have used this pasta making machine have had issues with the motor wearing out and the power cord not being accurately marked.
  • The clamp on the pasta maker is quite small to effectively hold the pasta roller down.

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, Made in Italy, Chrome, Includes Pasta Cutter, Hand Crank, and Instructions

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$57.89 $67.99

Philips HR2357/05 Avance Pasta Maker

Philips is yet another famous brand in the world of electronic appliances. The Philips HR2357/05 Avance Pasta Maker is a fully automatic machine that can knead and extrude pasta within 15 minutes! The pasta maker comes with 4 shaping discs (for Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Penne, and Lasagne), flat scraping and cleaning tool, measuring cups for flour and water.

The machine contains a compact storage drawer in the bottom of the machine to hold the shaping disc and cleaning tools.

  • It carries out all the processes for you, from kneading to extrusion. Also, does it in a matter of some minutes.
  • Offers a large variety of pasta with a possibility of new discs being released in the future. It can also be used to make fresh Noodles.
  • The built-in storage unit can easily store the shaping discs.
  • Easy and noiseless operation with minimal human intervention.
  • Can be cleaned without any hassles.

  • The Philips HR2357/05 is quite an expensive purchase.
  • The pasta extruded from the originally available discs may seem thick and chunky. This flaw may be overcome by using another set of discs, however, they have to be purchased at an additional cost.

Philips HR2357/05 Avance Pasta Maker

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$265.00 $349.99

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine – Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Easy Lock Dial and Wood Grip Handle – Model 150, Made in Italy

The Italian brand Imperia’s pasta making machine comes in two variants: Model 150 and Model 190. The brand name itself carries a lot of weight and indicates the reliability that their product will offer. Furthermore, the machine is made from heavy duty steel having a chrome finishing, which speaks for the item’s durability. You can use these manual pasta makers to make wide fettuccini and thin spaghetti pasta using the double cutter.

  • Easy to use pasta maker with self-explanatory instructions presented in the manual.
  • Is capable of being a long-lasting machine due to its strong and robust build.
  • The cranking mechanism has a balanced out weight, which makes rolling the pasta an easy and effortless process.
  • Has a strong base that holds the pasta maker firmly without any wobbling.

Offers a wider range of pasta types (due to the additional number of cutter heads compatibility) compared to the other variant by Imperia

  • The machine seems to be having some form of residue on the rollers as a by-product of the manufacturing process. However, the instruction manual specifically mentions that it is expected and therefore, the first batch of pasta should be discarded.
  • Unlike the previous machines produced by Imperia, the current ones have a lighter build due to the replacement of steel parts with plastic parts, which has relatively reduced the life of the pasta maker.
  • The thickness knob is slightly clunky so it is somewhat difficult to manage the thickness of the pasta.

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine - Heavy Duty Steel Construction w Easy Lock Dial and Wood Grip Handle- Model 150 Made...

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$54.95 $89.99

Philips HR2370/05 Compact Pasta and Noodle Maker, White

The Philips HR 2370/05 is an electric pasta making machine that does all the work for you. This includes from kneading the dough to cutting the pasta. The 3 default shaping discs produce classic pasta like spaghetti, penne, and fettuccini in this fully automatic machine.

  • The compact shape of the pasta maker makes it a valuable and space saving asset in the kitchen.
  • The built-in storage case to store the shaping discs is a smart addition to the design.
  • The company claims that the pasta maker can knead and get the pasta ready in just 18 minutes!
  • Maintains uniform texture and consistency in the pasta.
  • Parts of the pasta maker are dishwasher safe.

  • Even with detachable parts, cleaning the pasta machine could be more hectic than cleaning a manual pasta maker.
  • Has limited number of discs available, therefore making limited types of pasta.

Philips HR2370/05 Compact Pasta and Noodle Maker, White

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CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set – Machine with Attachments for 5 Authentic Pastas – Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Angel Hair, Ravioli, Lasagnette, All in One

The CucinaPro Pasta Maker comes with three different kinds of attachments to make spaghetti, fettuccini, angel hair, ravioli, and lasagne styles of pasta. Attachment 1 makes spaghetti and lasagne, while attachment 2 can roll out fettuccini and angel hair. The 3rd attachment is solely for ravioli. The other cutter heads are available additionally at a nominal price. The chrome plated machine can roll out authentic homemade pasta.

  • Allows a greater variety of pasta at a very nominal cost, thereby turning out to be a value for money product.
  • It has a sturdy build and a decent cutting mechanism.
  • The machine is easy to assemble and take apart, thereby making the cleaning and assembling a fairly simple task.

  • Since the hand crank does not contain a lock or snapping mechanism, the handle often falls out from the pasta maker.
  • The instruction manual specifically mentions that the product is not suitable for soaking in water to clean the pasta maker. However, the warning is not very obvious. Further, it has to be cleaned with a damp cloth or a pastry brush.
  • The instruction manual is not quite helpful and does not contain information related to assembling the machine.

Pasta Maker Deluxe Set- Machine w Attachments for 5 Authentic Pastas- Spaghetti, Fettucini, Angel Hair, Ravioli, Lasagnette All in One

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$39.94 $90.58

Kitchenaid KPRA Pasta Roller and Cutter for Spaghetti and Fettuccine

Kitchenaid is a tried and tested brand for all pasta lovers and homemade pasta makers. The machine bears a one-year warranty and comes with a cleaning brush. The set contains the pasta roller, fettuccini cutter and linguini fine cutter. It can help in making spaghetti and fettuccini pasta noodles. Additional rollers and cutters are available for purchasing and they can produce a variety of pasta. The 8 thickness settings offer many options in terms of controlling the thickness of the pasta.

  • It is a nice and heavy unit with a robust build.
  • The Kitchenaid mixture can be used in many other cooking operations, making it a multipurpose kitchen appliance.
  • Makes pasta in a jiffy and just the setting number 6 is enough to roll out extremely thin pasta that is almost translucent.
  • Saves all the effort one has to put in turning the crank in the manual pasta maker.

  • The pasta maker may tear your dough if you try to push beyond the thickness setting number 3.
  • The machine takes a while to get used to, even for those who have been making pasta since a long while.
  • The price of the pasta maker may be a few notches too high to be affordable for everyone.

Kitchenaid KPRA Pasta Roller and cutter for Spaghetti and Fettuccine

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$119.99 $249.99

VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Roller Maker Machine with 3 Cut Press Blade Settings and Table Top Clamp and FREE Pasta Measuring Tool

The VonShef pasta roller and maker machine is equipped with 3 in 1 multifunction, which includes kneading and rolling the dough and cutting the pasta. One blade allows wider pasta (2 to 6.6mm broad), while the second blade cuts the pasta into a finer shape (1 to 1.5mm). There are 4 cutting rollers that are the additional attachments of the pasta maker and using these one can make Spaghetti, Linguine, Taliatelle, and Fettuccini.

Additional attachments for Lasagne and Ravioli are also available. The machine comes with the table clamp, pasta measuring tool, and an instruction manual. It has a strong build made out of stainless steel and has a retro feel and look.

  • It is an excellent pasta making machine for novice and budding pasta makers, especially since it does its job without complications and is not priced too high. Hence, it is a value for money product to get started on your pasta making adventures.
  • The pasta maker is easy to store and clean. Just allow the dough to dry out and then wipe it with a damp cloth or dislodge the dough with toothpicks.
  • Being a compact machine, it is easy to store.
  • It produces finely rolled out pasta and has a variety of attachments to make different kinds of pasta.

  • The table clamp requires an overhanging counter that is lesser than the standard 2 inches width of counters. Thus, the pasta maker can only be clamped on slimmer counters or on edges of tables. Further, the clamping mechanism contains a plastic wing nut for grabbing and tightening, which does not seem too durable.
  • The cutters are not very sharp, especially if you are making artisanal pasta that contains vegetables (like spinach) and since the blades cannot cleanly pass through the plant fibres, the noodles may appear clumped.
  • The instruction manual is not very clear on how to use the ravioli attachment.

VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Roller Maker Machine with 3 Cut Press Blade Settings and Table Top Clamp...

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Weston Electric Pasta Machine, Red (01-0601-W)

The Weston Electric Pasta Machine is a convertible pasta maker having 9 adjustable settings. It is made out of heavy-duty metal housing and has a durable construction. While the spaghetti and fettuccini cutters are non-adjustable, the wheel pasta cutter is adjustable. Further, the speed of the rollers can be effectively controlled.

Weston offers one year’s warranty against any kind of manufacturing defects or issues. The machine comes with adjustable wheel pasta cutter and a cleaning brush. It can mainly make sheet pastas, which can be converted to fettuccini and its likes.

  • On using this pasta maker, the adjustable settings allow the user to make pasta according to his or her liking.
  • Contains a safety cover that turns the machine off if the rollers of the pasta maker are exposed.
  • 2 levels of speeds, which can be adjusted according to the user’s comfort.
  • Easier and faster to use as compared to the hand crank models. The motorized unit in the pasta maker saves time and effort.

  • Since the machine does not support any additional attachments, it can only produce sheet pasta, which drastically reduces the variety of pasta that it offers.
  • The motor can be really loud, which can be disturbing and a menace. Also, the motor is unreliable and may die out, rendering your pasta maker a defunct item.

Weston Electric Pasta Machine, Red (01-0601-W)

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$96.86 $199.99

HuiJia Wellness 150 Pasta Maker Machine Stainless Steel Pasta Roller Machine

Constructed out of heavy duty, high quality material, the stainless steel and anodized aluminium pasta maker boasts of a longer life and greater durability. The machine has a built-in pasta roller and comes with extra accessories like the hand crank, table clamps with handles, wide and narrow pasta cutters. The blades allow you to make Tagliattelle, Lasagne, and Linguine pasta noodles. With 9 adjustable settings, you can control the thickness of the pasta that you are making.

  • The clamping mechanism is tight and can fit most counters and tables. However, like most pasta makers, the machine will slightly rock while in use.
  • The rollers spin freely, thereby involving little effort from the user at the hand crank end. Furthermore, the hand crank does not keep falling off like in most other pasta making machines.

  • The pasta maker is not dishwasher safe. Also, the machine should not be washed with water. All this contributes to making the machine tougher to clean.
  • The rollers are spaced out unevenly, which in turn produces pasta that is unevenly thick. Furthermore, since the pasta dough is stretched out in a non-uniform manner, it leaves behind a longer tail in the thinner end of the rollers.

HuiJia Wellness 150 Pasta Maker Machine Stainless Steel Pasta Roller Machine Includes Pasta Cutter Hand Crank Attachments for Tagliattelle Linguine...

Free shipping
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OxGord Pasta Maker Machine – Stainless Steel Roller for Fresh Spaghetti Fettuccine Noodle Hand Crank Cutter

The OxGord Pasta Maker lets you make fresh, homemade spaghetti, linguine, angel hair, and other pasta types using the 3 blade attachments that come along with the roller. The solid stainless steel construction of the product is built to last and is also dishwasher safe.The easy click adjustable dial present on the pasta making machine allows you to choose from any of the 9 different thickness settings to get the pasta of your choice. The hand crank handle is removable and can be taken off while storing the machine.

  • The heavy duty machine made out of solid stainless steel makes it a reliable pasta maker.
  • For the price that it is available, it is not only extremely affordable but is also worth the investment.
  • The drilled holes strategically located on the pasta making machine to clamp it down offers a greater. balance and sturdiness while clamping the pasta maker to the counter or table edge.

  • The markers denoting the 9 levels of thickness are not very prominent on the knob and would need some stressing on the eyes to spot.
  • While the box claims that the item is dishwasher friendly and can be washed in water, the instruction manual clearly says that the product should not be washed in water or in dishwasher. The mixed and contradictory instructions can be rather confusing, especially for a newbie.

OxGord Pasta Maker Machine - Stainless Steel Roller for Fresh Spaghetti Fettuccine Noodle Hand Crank Cutter

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$34.98 $89.99

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pasta Maker

When it comes to deciding between the various typesand models of the Pasta Maker that you wish to buy, here are a few factors that you must consider:


Naturally, the cost of the pasta maker is the first thing that you should bear in mind while making the purchase. Basically, the cost of the pasta maker is indicative of the type of pasta maker (whether manual or automatic). Further, the brand name also determines the price of the pasta maker. Normally, it is assumed that machines bearing a good brand name would not only be durable but can also produce good quality, long-lasting pasta, and in some cases a greater variety of pasta. Consider how often you make and eat pasta. If it is a regular activity for you then you might wish to invest more money and get a decent type and brand, otherwise if your pasta maker is just going to gather dust in your closet, you might want to purchase the relatively cheaper manual model. Also Check : Best Tea Infusers


The ease with which you can make pasta is the whole point behind buying a pasta maker. Thus, you need to buy a pasta maker that can simplify your work – which basically any and every pasta maker can do. That being said, apart from the manual and electric differentiation, there are also features made available by various models and brands that can add to your convenience. Say, a pasta maker that can do everything, right from kneading the dough to cutting the pasta, would naturally be at the top of the convenience pyramid. All that you need to do is feed it the requisite ingredients and you are good to go!

When it comes to seeking convenience in manual pasta makers, you can consider the mechanism to hold the pasta maker in place, or the knob to control the thickness of the pasta, or the crank that you should turn, which will convey whether the machine is easy to use.

The ideal way to know more about the design and make of the pasta maker is to go through genuine reviews and people’s experience. And since you’re here reading about pasta makers and poring over the reviews puts you in a winning position already.


All manual pasta makers take about the same amount of time to roll out pasta. Thus, there is no practical way to compare and contrast brands. But the defining feature in most automatic pasta makers is the time taken by the machine to make the pasta. If speed and time is of the essence for you, then you can list out the various automatic pasta makers that you have shortlisted and compare their speeds to get a fair idea. And not just that, read people’s reviews to know how much the machine stands by its claim. A quick pasta maker would turn out to be a precious equipment for a busy cook.

Cleaning Woes

Cleaning, in general, makes one feel exasperated. The problem of cleaning is compounded in the case of pasta makers, which has hard to reach nooks and corners where dough could possibly be stuck! Certain models of pasta makers can be disassembled easily so that you can reach these spots and clean them out easily. Furthermore, some pasta makers also have parts that are dishwasher friendly, making them an asset. Simply put, the convenience and ease of using a pasta maker should be in tandem with the ease of cleaning it too.


A pasta maker that is crafted from sturdy parts can last many years. In most cases, this durability and quality comes at a hefty price. Stick to a brand that has been in the field of manufacturing pasta making machines and you will definitely land yourself a piece that will be a dependable and reliable companion. The fact that those names have emerged as brands and have an unshakable reputation speaks for the quality of products that they are putting out in the markets. Furthermore, these brands also offer a pleasant customer experience. When it comes to repair and maintenance of your pasta maker, a company offering servicing or warranty will definitely have an edge over the others. A long warranty should be an essential component of an electric pasta maker.

Manual pasta makers outperform electric pasta makers considering that do not have any electric parts that may need tinkering. Electric pasta makers are more prone to wear and tear and also have a high maintenance cost. Thus, manual pasta makers have a longer life.

Pasta and Variety

If you wish to learn and work on a specific type of pasta, especially if you love it, then you must buy a pasta maker that you can use to make that particular kind. However, even the most dedicated pasta lover could not stick to a single type of pasta after a period of time. Hence, it is also important to purchase a pasta maker that can roll out a variety of pastas. Most pasta makers can produce the basic kinds of pastas and for the other types you need to purchase additional blades and/or attachments.

Normally, electric pasta makers can plate up a longer menu when it comes to types of pastas.

Quick Buyer’s Guide for Pasta Maker

Here are a few pointers that can help you make a more informed decision in buying the perfect pasta maker:

For Manual Pasta Makers

• Get a model that is made entirely out of stainless steel and has an all-metal body.

• An ideal pasta maker would offer at least five types of settings to control thickness.

• The crank should fit snugly into the machine and the arm should turn effortlessly. While it is perfectly normal to feel a slight degree of resistance, you shouldn’t have to exhaust all your muscle power to turn the arm once. On the other hand, the rollers should not be free-wheeling inside the pasta maker either.

• Check the stand of the pasta maker and compare the space occupied with the space available on the protruding lip of your kitchen counter or your working table.

For Electric Pasta Makers

• All the electric pasta makers are near about the same, thus find one that ups the other in some feature that is important to you. Say, you like having various kinds of pasta then pick the pasta maker that offers variety. On the other hand, if you wish to save on precious time then go for a pasta maker that prepares your pasta in record time. Select a machine tailored on your preferences.

• Choose a machine from a good brand for a pleasant customer experience. Check out the service centre locations and brand feedback for the same.

• Pick a pasta maker that offers a longer duration of warranty. This not only supports the brand’s trust in its product but it also is useful since electric pasta makers need quite a lot of upkeep.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to making a pick from all of the pasta makers available, it all boils down to what you, as a customer, expect from your purchase. If budget is not an issue for you and you wish to save on time, you can definitely go for the automatic electrical pasta maker. The Philips HR2357/05 Avance Pasta Maker is an excellent choice considering that the customer service and customer satisfaction offered by Philips transcends the services offered by its competitors. Furthermore, it saves all the efforts involved in kneading and rolling the dough followed by cutting the pasta. All you need to do is feed the machine the necessary ingredients and it will extrude the freshly made pasta in near about 15 minutes!

On the other hand, if you wish to get your hands on a manual pasta maker, you could choose between Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker and Imperia Pasta Maker as they are well-known brands offering years of experience through their pasta making machines. Both the machines can produce delicious pasta and once you have made your pasta, they are easy to clean too.

For more specific needs, you may pick any product from our deeply researched list of best pasta makers. Select the one that fits your budget and expectations and make the purchase. We hope that our guide comes handy in aiding you while making an informed decision as to which pasta maker should you be buying.

Once you start making your own pasta, the boxed variety will lose its charm!

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