Best Salt Containers to keep your salt fresh 2020

Having a container for your salt is a must have in all households. Having a salt box can add a unique touch to the style of your home. The best salt container will add better air flow to your salt and improve the taste and quality of your salt. Salt is probably the most important spice in the kitchen. It is used to balance and add flavor to your dish


Why not treat your salt as good as possible? If you are like me you use salt daily, then why store it in the cardboard box that has this ineffective sprout? Having the salt in a shaker is also a common solution, however this is no practical for dishes where you a larger amount of salt, with example larger cuts of meat, pasta water or soups.


Best containers to store salt

Here is our list of our favorite containers. Click on the name to read more about the containers or continue below to read our short description of each

Seasoning box set with spoon, lid, and base

This 3 piece set with spoons and a base for your spices is one of the best containers to store your salt. This is perfect for your 3 most used spices and will make the cooking experience even better. No reaching in the closet for your spices. You just have them right in front of you. The set even comes with 3 spoons that make it so easy to get the right amount of spice out and to where you need it.

The glass is made of high borosilicate glass that is clear and harder than normal glass. The base makes it easy to keep your kitchen tidy and organized and always knowing where your 3 most used spices are located.

Glass salt server with lid and spoon

If are more into a container made of salt this one is the one for you! It is made with stainless steel and a body made of clear glass. The container stands beautiful in dinner occasion on fitting cloth. The container includes a spoon and lid which makes it perfect for the dinner table.


RSVP International Stoneware Pig Keeper with Spoon

This is a more unconventional salt container. It holds 6 ounces of salt is made of matte stoneware. The container itself is dishwasher safe which is always a plus. The design is not what you see that often. It is designed as a pig which I really like. It includes a beautiful serving spoon for easier access and a bacteria free reach of salt.


Different kinds of salt should be used for different scenarios. If you have more than one kind of salt you should of course consider getting more than one container for your salt. Read about the different types of salt here.


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