Best Shower Panels 2020 Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Best Shower Panels 2020: Isn’t it a great thing when you can incorporate your own luxury bath-ware in your abode? Most likely every bathroom deserves an elegant set of showers that amplifies its look and breath-throbs the bathing experience.

You can add some tiles or can get your hands on a complete shower panel that compliments the overall theme of your bathing abode. Before you scrutinize and roll your eyes, you need to know that shower panels can’t simply be ignored. With a qualitative shower panel, you can make your bathing voyage enjoyable than ever. Also shower adds a nice gesture to the walls of your bathroom, bestowing it with class and top-grade look. Before you make your perceptions, take a look at the fleet of most preferred shower panels that will rock your bathing game.

Best Shower Panels list

What sort of bathroom do you own?

Before landing on what shower Panel to choose, you need to have a closer look at what kind of bathroom do you have. Every shower system is of distinct shape and size, so it must compliment your bathroom. Also the color and contrast of the shower panel should match the exact details with your bathroom.

10 Best Shower Panels Reviews, Pros & Cons & Verdict

Are you aware that the quality of a shower Panel relies mostly on the type of build quality and materials?

It’s more than obvious that there are umpteen showers markets are flooded with and not each one of them is a player. The best thing about shower panels is that you can select the exorbitant ones with decent quality and cheap ones with moderate quality but the best part comes when you have to pay less for a superior-build quality shower.

If you aren’t a person that can make a hole in your pocket while buying an expensive piece of bath-ware, this is a must go-through article for you! So are you ready to take a drizzling shower of your life?

Read on to find the best shower panels that are dominating the current year!

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AKDY 52 In. 8-Jet Multi-function Tempered Glass Shower Panel System

Décor Star is a prominent player in the run of shower panels. With 8-jet multi-functionality, this boom pack can rapidly adjust the water pressure according to your needs. Furthermore, each shower faucet is loaded with individual valve control which you can either combine or use as per your requirements.

Additionally, the 100 massage spray nozzles and 50 adjustable rainfall nozzles portray a beautiful fountain of rain showering drop pearls on you. The continual and subtle water stream facilitates a continuum of water rather than bad timing and unwanted showerhead. And the beautiful part of this panel is the thermostatic control that avoids or curtails the chances of water scalding and skin burning.

Décor Star is manufactured with a slivery stainless steel material, which makes it to look classier and trendier in any bathroom. It comes along with a wand-type showerhead which makes the bathing time best of your all day. The showerhead has chrome polished finish, which feels elegant and easy to grab.

The mounting and installation of this shower panel is an easy-breezy thing. Just go through the mounting lines and mount it to the provided brackets, you are done. This shower system is fabricated with PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) which is a most heat resistant and reliable plastic polymer. It offers you following pros and cons.


  • 4 faucet shower functionality.
  • Lesser chances of scalding.
  • Easy to adjust water pressure.
  • Subtle manufacturer warranty.


  • Lack of digital display, only buttons are provided.
  • The 4 way faucet system have chances to fail in working together.

Verdict: The amalgamation of 50 and 100 rainfall nozzles spray a shower of misty rain, which soothes the body and soul. And the less or no scalding functionality is icing on the cake.

AKDY Aluminum Shower Panel

If you want to swoon up your guests, simply land your hands on this shower panel. This unit is featured with handheld showerhead, massage jets, tube filter and rainfall showerhead. It also features a EURO delineation that is fabricated with the highest grade alloys of aluminum.

AKDY looks near-seamless and makes your bathroom shine in an elegant and modern way. Incorporated with LED handheld shower and a LED rainfall shower, this master piece looks charismatic when taken in use. A mirror, glass shelf, 8 nozzles provide a unique and one-of-a-kind bathing experience. The showerhead LEDs can be set up with a color selection of 3 colors which shows the water temperature and looks mesmerizing and sophisticated, so you don’t have to clean up the display to the current water temperature.

You are also provided with a fog functionality which will cater you with a home-spa like voyage. The mirror crafted panels are extremely fashionable and possess durability and long life. AKDY doesn’t require a set of batteries and is easy to install. All features work separately allowing you to have some water conserving options if you wish to. Here’s is a fleet of pros and cons of the following product.


  • Cold and hot integrated valve controlling units
  • Distinct design for easy and flat installation.
  • No advanced plumbing connections required.


  • Rain heads and spray heads can’t be amalgamated for single use.

Verdict:In this price range, this shower panel has a lot to offer. It’s elegant, versatile and possesses extreme durability. If you are looking for a good-looking and well-built panel, you should definitely consider this.

Ello and Allo Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Panel:

Manufactured from the superior quality stainless steel, this product is a gorgeously finished and polished shower system. Designed opulently and beautifully to make your bathroom a master-piece, this shower is a must go for. With a giant square showerhead that results in a feathery and lighter mist, its rainfall mechanism creates a scenario like you are really enjoying a natural shower of rain.

Fabricated with top-notch materials that won’t allow fingerprints stand on them, this panel is easy to clean and a child’s play to use. Featured with both a sprayer and a hand held shower for rapid cleaning, you can use it as a bidet. The adjustable LED mood lighting really makes this shower panel stand out and allows you to make your morning and evening shower memorable and enjoyable. The shower panel comes along with a built-in storage space for keeping your shower essentials.


  • LED overhead and a display for temperature.
  • 3 settings fixtures for handheld shower.
  • Options to turn off more than one feature at a time increases more bathing pleasure.
  • Multi-outlet switch for multiple water effects.


  • Lack of angle adjustable massage shower jets.
  • A bit more on the exorbitant side.

Verdict: The fingerprint resistant design makes it more shinier and unique. Just a wet cloth is all you need to clean this panel to new looking condition.

Pulse Shower Spa

If you are someone with a taste of a steamy and hot bath, your scrutiny ends here. With its beautiful design forged panels, this system is a marriage of whimsy perfection and modern touch. A big showerhead on the top makes this chrome plated structure perfect for a guest or master bathroom. The main showerhead is capable of functioning like a rain shower head. The flexible and stretchable water hose with a stretch length of about 70 inches, makes this shower perfectly suitable for kids and olds.

5 setting options on the shower head are provided with a full massage and light mist option. You can even turn on the six jets at the same time by Select A Jet feature or can turn off the four of them by same functionality. The tub faucet acts homogeneously as the main faucet on your shower or tub, which lets you check the water temperature before enjoying your bath session. The added pros and cons to this shower panel are


  • Comes with a rain shower head.
  • Hand held shower has multiple functionalities.
  • Easy switching between body jets and shower head.


  • Can’t work on low water pressures.

Verdict: With the multifold functionalities in its handheld shower, this master piece delivers the steamiest bath. With its one-of-a-kind Select A feature you can enjoy a bath by letting all nozzles spraying droplets on you or can either allow two of them to throw the stream of heavenly water.

Golden Vantage 63’ Multi-functionality Shower Panel System

A comprehensive package for all the things you need for a perfect shower experience are brought to you by Golden Vantage shower panel. It’s very easy to deploy and can be installed by the home possessor also preventing the exorbitant plumber fees. Amazing deal, right?

The overhead shower that comes with this product offers you both waterfall and rainfall features. You can even chose to operate these features easily with the help of the shower panel itself. The overhead shower is consisted with huge 50 separate nozzles that provision a relaxing and saturated shower experience. You can also make the water stream a bit heavy by simply curtailing the functions utilizing the shower panel.

A sum of 100 nozzles is built in the shower panel for a perfect body spray massage. The scalding phenomenon is not a thing with this shower panel as it has a thermostatic control that regulates the water temperature for an extremely enjoyable bath. This panel also has a bathtub filler hose or spout that allows you to easily pour water in your bathtub. If are looking for a bathroom remodel, you don’t have to pay extra for a bathtub filler. This multi-purpose shower panel will add charm to your bathroom.


  • Easy installation.
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Standard and compatible bathroom pipes.


  • Water pressure might be a problem.

Verdict: It is the easiest to install, just dangle and enjoy your bath. If you have decided to buy this product, you will never regret your decision. It will bestow a bathing journey you will have never experienced.

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0057

Looking for something to up your shower game? This one is a perfect deal. This shower panel comes directly from the house of Perfecto woodworks making it an amazing piece of quality in this price range. If you ever considered embracing the black color of your bathroom, it’s high time. With its availability in black and silver color, this panel can make any bathroom look great.

Fabricated by the experts of the industry, this shower system is ideal for self-installation and comes with all-in-one shower functions. You can also enjoy every feature simultaneously with the help of the shower panel. The in-built temperature control allows you to get the best experience as the temperature settings will be according to your need. Also numerous bathing nozzles provide you a refreshing and mesmerizing bath feeling.

On the terms of elegance and durability, one can definitely bet on this mechanism. Manufactured with brushed stainless steel this panel avoids corrosion and rust like an old-player of the industry making your bathroom look as-it-is even after several years of usage.


  • UPC certification makes it safe and suitable for any bathroom type.
  • Durable reinforced pipes.
  • Refreshing water jets.


  • Cleaning becomes difficult due to exposed edges.

Verdict: Elegant, soothing design and brushed panels in a single product makes it an advanced thing. Perfecto is renowned for its craftsmanship and innovation, so you can buy this product without any further thoughts.

Blue Ocean 66.5’ Stainless Steel SPS8727 Thermostatic Shower Panel

Bringing a piece of stunning luxury to your bathroom has become easy with this shower panel. It is a supreme quality shower panel made up of stainless steel that gives a brushed finish and is easy to clean. This panel comes with a waterfall showerhead, handheld shower and multiple body jets. You can choose to use all the jets on the same time or can use them simultaneously as per your needs.

The in-built thermostatic valve makes your bathing temperature perfect and enjoyable. The shower system is light in weight and can be easily hanged on a flat wall. This makes the need of a professional plumber a thing of past. You can easily mount both cold and hot water pipes directly to the system and it will work flawlessly. The pipes situated on the backside of the panel are reinforced. Keep in mind that the minimal water pressure required to enjoy a bath in this shower panel is nearby 28 PSI.


  • Elegant and stylish design.
  • Shower panel is brushed and of high quality.
  • Durable and lightweight.


  • Main shower is not angle adjustable.

Verdict: This is a product for higher budget individuals, but your every penny will be worth. This modern and ultra luxurious shower machine will change your perspective and the way you looked at your bathing life.

SR Sunrise SRSH- F 5043 Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower System:

The easiest way to make your bath abode looks amazing. SR Sunrise is a revolutionary product you can get for your bathroom. Unlike other shower panels flooded in the market, this product allows concealed installation delivering you with an advanced and modern look. The rain shower is big and has a broad structure that enables a vast coverage.

With the help of its air injection technology, you can save water while living a best bathing experience. Due to its created featuring, this shower panel is safe for you and your family. Additionally, SR is a high precision and non-corrosive system and the water transport tubes are made from brass which is really soothing for your skin and is durable.


  • Ideal for water economization.
  • Powerful water jets.
  • Comprehensive concealed piping structure.


  • Hand held and head shower can’t be used concurrently.

Verdict: It’s a higher grossing product and a water savior too. If you dwell in an area where water scarcity is the main issue, this product will solve your problem. With its capability to perform even on low pressure, it will deliver the best shower experience.

Giantex BA7108 Massage Shower Panel:

If you are in a search for a cheap yet beautiful shower panel, Giantex is a product for you. Within a less price range, this product has a silvery and aluminum finish that looks great and has high quality. Giantex did a really good job while crafting this elegant body.

BA7108 looks stylish and is loaded with a myriad of features and functionalities. The best thing about it is that you have access to both hand held shower head and overhead for amplified versatility. Although a handheld shower is not a big necessity, in this case as it is a massage shower panel, you get access to one for extra usefulness. As it has been advertised as a massage shower, it supports its 8 massage jets to work concomitantly to make your shower bath one-of-a-kind.


  • Economical in price.
  • Looks ultra stylish.
  • All-in-one great massage panel.


  • The handheld shower is made up of plastic material which requires extreme care while using.

Verdict: Renowned as an economical shower panel, Giantex looks way more appealing than the price you have to pay for it. It will deliver you with almost all the features and functionalities that you will find in an exorbitant one.

Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum SPA392M

Enjoying a steamy and hot shower after a tiresome and long lasting day is a heavenly thing we all dream of. Blue Ocean 52 is renowned for its build quality. The sturdy yet lightweight aluminum design is easy to mount and gives a classy look. This model is known as 52’ due to its height; just mount it a little bit above the ground which allows it a decent height easily usable by kids and adults.

Featured with 8 elegant nozzle hole,s this panel provides a watery tapotement experience that you will even more adore just like an indoor bathing concert. Blue Ocean is simply a stunning shower panel, all thanks to its numerous possibilities. Say, it is backed up with a decent LED display that allows selecting the water temperature according to your needs. Apart from these cool functionalities, it comes along with a hand held shower that adds more versatility to this bathing elegancy. Have a look at what pros and cons that comes in along with this box full of surprises.


  • Handheld shower adds more charm making it more feasible to use.
  • Easily adjustable temperature settings with the help of programmed LED display.
  • Manufactured from the robust materials and classy finishes.
  • 8 water nozzles provide an extreme bathing experience.


  • A bit on the pricy side.
  • Some customers find its LED display arduous to use.

Verdict: The eight massage nozzles, stylish aluminum design and a giant rain shower are the perfect combination for a shower requirement. This product is an incredibly technological shower panel you can get your hands upon.

How to Choose a Shower Panel

Getting your hands on the right kind of shower panel can be a daunting task as there are several aspects related to it. Will it fulfill your family needs? What is the warranty period? Is the made material durable? There are umpteen rationales related to what to buy and how to find the right product for you. Checkout this buying guide to know how to get the best shower panels for your bathroom.

Quality material: Shower panels are made from a wide variety of materials i.e. from brass to stainless steel. So it becomes imperative to check for the quality. Like if you have kids in your home and you opt for a plastic handheld shower mechanism, it will easily break down as plastic requires utmost care. So you should look for a thing that is totally made up of metals and is easy cleanable for less hassles and durability. Before making your final purchase, check the corrosion and rust repellent quality of the metal the shower panel is made up of.

If you are a person who adores luxurious and lavish panels, you can go for stainless steel systems that have a front glass plate or a LED display for temperature settings.

Showerhead and Attachments: Shower panel system generally comes along with a plethora of attachments and massages jets. The overhead showerhead is usually broad to provide a bigger room to bath. Always choose shower panels that have additional attachments and big showerheads. Additional accessories incorporate longer water hoses, button replacements, covers and much more.

Installation: Another indispensable thing that stands in the row is the installation. When you purchase a shower panel, it does not have any fittings in place. As these panels are manufactured to directly fit with hot and cold water inlets, in order to install it yourself you need to make all the plumbing changes before the purchase. Several companies manufacture shower systems that have a flat back that are easy to mount on the wall. Also you get an instruction manual which explains you the installation process in detail so you don’t have to wait for a plumber to enjoy your bath.

Pressure: Shower panels are manufactured with a particular water pressure range, while some of them allow you to adjust it. You can install one of these systems either on low pressure or high pressure. The highest water pressure can be about 70 PSI while the lowest one stands around 28 PSI. If the water pressure is lower than the described rating you will encounter a downfall in the performance of your shower panel. So before buying one check the pressure ratings and match it with your water inlet pressure.

Additional Functionalities: Some additional features like thermostatic control curtails the chances of getting your skin scald. Also LED lights and display screens act as icing on the cake. If you have subtle budget and spending much doesn’t bothers you, then you can get these additional benefits available in some of the above mentioned products .

Warranty Period: When you choose to buy a shower panel instead of old-school standard shower, a great warranty is must. Most of the products are coming with one-year manufacturer warranty of the shower panel and its mechanism. Usually the warranty period lies somewhere one year to three years depending on the type of product and the policies of the manufacturer. This period will give you an idea how long your product will last and is it worth to spend a fortune of money on it.

The Final Verdict

Now that you have came across this article, you must have known the importance of showers and how they can boast up your bathing life. These are some of the top-grade shower panels offering best-in-class bathing experience in a decent price range for every pocket. You can also choose between electric based and non-electricity working shower panels as per your requirement. However, there are several merits and demerits associated with these panels. So a good scrutiny and acknowledgement of facts is extremely advised.

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