8 Best Storage Container For Flour

What is the best storage containers for flour? If you like cooking and baking as much as I do, you use flour often. But when you buy flour it comes in a bag or in a flour box that is not fit for an organized home. The traditional flour bags are made to make it easy for the manufacturer, that is why storage containers for flour is a popular solution.

The difference between manufacture made flour bags and containers is that it is easier to store, pour, and measuring flour, and probably the most important thing is that normal flour bags will not keep flour safe from bacteria and bugs. Finding the best storage container for flour will make the use of flour easier for you and that is why we have tested a bunch of containers to find the best one for flour.

If you are a more serious baker you have a lot of different flours. Keeping them in the best container set will make it prettier and more organized in the kitchen. We have also found the best container set for those who have more than one flour in their home

Here are the best storage containers for flowers

This is our list of the best containers and in which category they win in. If you want to learn more about each of the containers, you can read more of the containers individually below:

Overall Best storage Container for flour

The Oxo Good grips pop container is the abosolut best storage container for flour. It is airtight the keeps dry food fresh. The container is also made with a space-efficient design that keep you pantry organized.


Convenient Storage:

Food storage is as necessary as buying healthy food itself. OXO Good Grips has addressed the food storage problems with its advanced features. Saving the pantry, cereals, flour, sugar, pasta, or any snack is a breeze now using the convenient line fill setup! 

Supreme Build Quality:

What comes next in the features list corresponds to supreme craftsmanship by OXO! The storage container comes with a dishwasher-safe construction, which is easy to clean or wash. Moreover, the availability of multiple sizes makes it the best-suited choice for everyone out there. 

When it comes to space, the container follows the stack principle. Hence, all POP containers can also fit in each other when empty. 

Airtight Seal:

Flour needs to be protected from a humid environment. That’s where this OXO POP container fits best into the situation. Push the button to have an airtight seal always and protect your snack with this top-line solution-based accessory. 


  • Best for 5 lbs. flour
  • Airtight seal 
  • Covers less space 
  • BPA-free material 


  • Lid sold separately 

Check the video about the oxo pop containers

Best Storage container set for flour


Top-notch Quality Bundle:

Next in our list of best storage containers for flour is the Chef’s Path Cinatiner, and here’s why! This complete package comes equipped with four all-new BPA free food containers with lids. Not only this, but it also includes the four measuring cups and chalkboard labels to organize and store in a way like never before! 

Prolonged Protection:

Chef’s Path understands the needs of cooking enthusiasts that everything needs to be entirely fresh! Keeping this in mind, the food containers in this bundle come with specialized side locks. These side locks ensure an airtight seal and a maximized freshness at all times. No need to worry about the food stale soon now! 

Versatile Operations:

These containers will serve you more than you want! Not only the flour, but you can save some other items, including sugar, coffee, snacks, grains, cereals, pasta, or anything that you want to protect from wetness! 

Space Saver:

This container’s space-saving ability matches with none! It has an incredible stackable design, which can save you some space in the kitchen. Hence, organize and keep your pantry clean with this bundle of the best storage container for flour. 


  • Comes with Measuring cups and labels
  • Ideal for 175 Oz. flour 
  • BPA-free premium plastic 
  • Airtight side locks


  • Snap-on lids require pressure. 

Best Glass storage container for flour

Are you tired of plastic products in your kitchen or being extra careful with the health? Bring these Glass Storage containers which are safe and secure to use!


Food Grade Material:

The set of glass containers from the Leaves and Trees Y is winning the market’s race due to being a healthy choice! Thus, finished from borosilicate glass and 100% lead-free material, this container is way safer to use for everyone in the kitchen. 

Withstands Heat:

The major disadvantage of having plastic containers is their low capacity to withstand the heat! That’s not the case here with these truly made food-grade glass containers. They can bear temperature within the range of -4- 302 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal choice for every kitchen anywhere in the world. 

Looks Good:

Apart from being environment friendly and spacious, these glass containers look attractive while sitting on your kitchen shelf. A perfect combination of wooden lids and translucent glass gives a modern yet minimalistic look overall. 


  • Lead-free material 
  • Airtight seal lids 
  • A 5-piece set 
  • Withstand high temperature 


  • Cannot fit the spaghetti

Best Airtight storage container for flour

Do you live in a humid environment and worried about food stale? Not anymore now! 


Vacuum Container:

As per the manufacturer’s claim, the US patent office has provided a patent on Vacuum containers. This way, this one of the best storage containers for flour deserves some space on your kitchen shelf. These vacuum containers serve you with multiple purposes. From storing food to organizing snacks, these are the best way to keep the kitchen tidy and set. 

Best for Camping:

Are you looking for something to hold your food safe while hiking? Your search is over! These Tightvac Airtight Storage Containers offer you portability and convenience like no else. Store them easily in your backpack for traveling comfort!

Multiple Uses:

Apart from being user-friendly and compact design, these airtight containers will save you some pennies as well. You don’t need to buy separate containers for coffee beans, dry goods, snacks, tea, cereal, and more. Protect the freshness and supreme quality of oatmeal, cookies, crackers, nuts, and any snack. 


  • Perfect for traveling purposes
  • 6 Oz. capacity
  • Patented vacuum seal 
  • Ideal for cigars 


  • Plastic material is of low quality 

Best Bug Free storage container for flour

Flour, when wet, is prone to develop some bugs and insects inside! Avoid such bugs by having a dehumidified environment inside the container using this ifbox airtight jar.


Easy to Pour:

Every flour container comes with its unique perks! This Ifboxs cereal container has brought the pouring spout and a handshape design for comfort and convenience. You can pour the snacks, rice, flour, tea, or coffee without messing up the kitchen shelves. Isn’t it convenient?

Safe Material:

Keeping the food items in a container wasn’t quite safe as it is with this Ifboxs Cereal Container! It utilizes the food-grade BPA material, which can seal the freshness for days or months. Moreover, the material in use is completely transparent so that you can have a glance for easy access.

Perfect for Pantry:

Not only can you organize things in a better way but make them look good on your kitchen shelf with these Ifboxs jars. It can store rice, flour, and cereal but pet food as well. The organization has been much easier due to its compact size and perfect fit in the refrigerators.


  • 2.5L of capacity
  • Transparent body
  • BPA-free material
  • Pouring spout


  • Flimsy plastic

Best Large flour container

Most of the time, storing flour requires you to have a large container on your shelf. The reason being the excess usage of flour in daily recipes. Here is the best-suited choice for you!


Premium Food Bundle:

Chef’s Path is proudly presenting this XL food container, which has seven qt. or 6.5L of capacity for flour, cereals, and all types of snacks. The whole bundle includes the two premium quality BPA-free canisters along with the four measuring cups. This way, it’s a better organization for you and gives you peace of mind as a cook.

Airtight Tall Containers:

If they have an enormous capacity, it doesn’t mean they can take in the air! Worry no more for your food staling as all the container comes with the side locks to have an airtight seal. It’ll keep your expensive food fresh and healthy for an extended time.

Stackable and Compact:

These are regarded as the best storage container for flour, and their stacking property is one reason! Having a small kitchen will not be a problem in string food again. You can stack them to save some space in your pantry.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Minimal design
  • Seven qt. capacity


  • Separation of the canister is difficult

Best Oxo Container for flour


Ideal Size:

Most of the supermarkets have a standardized packing of 5 lbs. in their stock. Thus, keeping this in mind, OXO has brought the ideal 5 lbs. of size in the form of this Steel POP container, which eases the kitchen life for you. You can store the 5lbs. Of sugar, flour, and any type of snack to prevent the stale food situation.

Airtight Seal:

OXO POP containers do not only have a sleek look but an immersive airtight seal design to keep the food fresh. The steel lids are presenting a modern look on your kitchen shelf. A push-button is there to have an airtight seal and acts as a handle as well.

Easy Pour- Quick Clean:

These OXO containers have a specialized rounded corner design to pour the items quickly out of the container. Moreover, the lid unsnaps presents a thorough cleaning all along with the box.


  • BPA-free plastic
  • Push button for airtight seal
  • Stackable design
  • Rounded corner shape


  •  Not much airtight

Best easy to clean flour container


Organized Pantry:

You must look for this specific quality in the best storage container for flour, i.e., organizing ability! Rubbermaid modular jars are not only making your job more comfortable in terms of food storage but organizing the jars.

Pet Food:

These Rubbermaid Containers are versatile in their functioning! Store some flour, tea, coffee, or any snack type to keep it fresh and healthy. Apart from this, it’s the best-suited choice for pet food as well.

Snap Tight:

Keep the moisture away from the food to avoid staling. The tight snap lids are a perfect way to make an airtight seal and offer a freezer-safe operation simultaneously.


  • 16-cup container
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Ideal for pantry staples
  • Snap-tight lids  


  • Hard to open

Questions and answers on flour storage

Best storage container for flour
Best storage container for flour

How to store flour for long term?

The best way to store flour long term is in a storage container and refrigerated. Which can add months to the lifespan of the flour

Where can you store flour?

Flour can be stored inside, but it is recommended to store it in a refrigerator and in a flour container.

How long can flour last

White flour can last up to one year if stored unopened, however, when opening the flour will last only eight months. Keeping the flour in a refrigerator will let you have fresh flour for up to one year.

Wheat flour will last up six months opened and keeping in a refrigerator will let it stay fresh for eight months. Read more about lifespan here at cnet.com

There a several other flours that have different lifespans

Bugs in my flour! Is it safe to eat?

Bugs in flour are not uncommon and the most common bug is weevils. There is a bunch of ways to see if your flour contains bugs. If your flour have a minty odor if it smells musty.

If you have bugs in your flour you should toss it and buy a new batch of flour.

Keeping the flour refrigerated and in a container will decrease the chance of bugs

Do you need a storage container for flour?

Ever since I started using storage containers for flour my baking has become way easier. It keeps my kitchen more organized and easier to clean, as I don’t make a mess when pouring the flour from the bags and I have an easier time measuring the amount of flour I need for the dish.
So, if you want an easier time when cooking and baking, then a flour container is a gamechanger and something you need in your kitchen.

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