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Best Wine Decanters 2019 Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Best Wine Decanters 2019: Household cutlery and crockery is as important as the decor and ambience of the house. It not only has to match, but it should also stand out. Guests shouldn’t just talk about how great the food and drinks were, but your delicately designed plates as well as glasses should also be on their mind.

Then there are the exclusive items of eminence, used to serve the very best. Sometimes it’s a traditional and heritage bowl used to serve a special dessert, while at other times it may be a dinner plate used at least for three generations.

Choices matter, and for the true connoisseur, no special meal is complete without wine! And you just can’t serve wine from any random piece of crockery. It has to be a decanter and a stunning one too!

Not every wine lover cares where the wine is coming from, let alone which container is used to pour it. But if you love your aged and white wines, a decanter, even if only for functional purposes, is fine for you. Having friends and colleagues coming over after long? A lovely decanter that matches your decor will be an immediate conversation starter.

If you’re a connoisseur who enjoys wine and also believe in heightening the aesthetics of your home, then it’s best you go for a decanter that combines all your needs and especially your budget.

And in case you’re bored of gifting the same kind of gifts and vouchers for occasions, a wine decanter is a great option for your wine-living friends or colleagues.

Be it a long, refreshing drink at the end of the day or while entertaining guests; pouring wine from a stylish decanter can never feel wrong. Buy it for the sheer experience of it. It won’t be a disappointment. A decanter, after all is a necessity for some and a special piece of crockery for others, meant to be brought out during specific events.

10 Best Wine Decanters 2019 Reviews, Pros & Cons & Verdict

When it comes to buying exceptional items for your home, it can get rather difficult choosing the perfect one that sets the tone of the house. The idea is to not just buy something; it’s about buying something worth your penny and time. And with more and more people growing aware of different kinds of alcoholic beverages, and how to pair them, there’s a burgeoning market that is offering wine drinkers with a plethora of stylish and handcrafted equipment such as decanters and glasses. So this is why we have curated a list of 10 of the most outstanding wine decanters for you to choose from.

While making this list, aesthetics was definitely one of the key factors, and along with that functionality and durability of the decanters were also considered. The price varies accordingly, and various kinds of budgets have also been considered.

Zalik Wine Decanter U Shaped Horn Design

This gorgeously crafted decanter is sure to grab the maximum attention in your house. Made of 100% crystal, this decanter is made of completely lead-free crystal. Its unique design allows for easy pouring of delicious wine and poses no extra hassle. Lightweight and clear, it gives you a complete view of the liquid inside. It allows you to be stylish and functional at the same time. The unique U-shape cuts a sleek figure that would suit well on your home bar table. With enough space to let the aroma waft out and the wine to breathe, this absolutely gorgeous piece of crystal is a sure winner.

  • Enough space to let the wine breathe and aerate before being served
  • Excellent cut and design that is modern and aesthetically pleasing
  • This decanter makes for an excellent gifting option as well

  • The glass is on the thinner side, and hence fragile to handle
  • Might be small if you’re looking to entertain bigger number of guests

Verdict:With a beautiful design and proven functional abilities, this wine decanter will be a stellar choice for your home and wines.


Zalik Wine Decanter U Shaped Horn Design - Superior Quality Crystal Hand Made Wine Aerator large Wine Carafe Holds 1800...

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$32.99 $54.99

JoyJolt Lancia Wine Decanter

Best Wine Decanters

Bring home the luxury of a stylish decanter set with an unconventional cork. This oriental decanter is perfect for boho homes and will light up your conversations. Enjoy the wine flow from its sleek crystal neck as you soak in its aroma. With its very modern design, this decanter can easily resemble a lava light, only glowing with the bright beauty of wine. With a capacity meant for the standard wine bottle, you’re sure to enjoy drinking from this rather than a normal carafe. This will definitely be the centrepiece of your dinner table and the conversations that follow. With a large capacity, this contemporary piece of crystal is sure to let words and laughter forever flowing.

  • Simple design fits well with all kinds of decor.
  • Dishwasher safe, and hence, no hassle while cleaning.
  • Wide-mouthed and easy to clean.

  • Aesthetically, this might look like plastic
  • Since they are hand blown, it is possible to find chipped edges and varying thicknesses in the same product.

Verdict: Blending sophistication with functionality, this wide-mouthed handcrafted decanter is ideal for chic homes.

JoyJolt Lancia Wine Decanter Lead-free Crystal 100% Hand Blown Wine Aerator, Glass Red Wine Carafe 54oz, Red Wine Accessories, This...

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$29.95 $49.95

Venero Wine Aerator Decanter Set

Bring home the luxury of a stylish decanter set with an unconventional cork. This oriental decanter is perfect for boho homes and will light up your conversations. Enjoy the wine flow from its sleek crystal neck as you soak in its aroma. With its very modern design, this decanter can easily resemble a lava light, only glowing with the bright beauty of wine. With a capacity meant for the standard wine bottle, you’re sure to enjoy drinking from this rather than a normal carafe. This will definitely be the centrepiece of your dinner table and the conversations that follow. With a large capacity, this contemporary piece of crystal is sure to let words and laughter forever flowing.

  • Very stylish and unconventional design
  • Comes with an aesthetically pleasing cork that matches with its entire form
  • Broad mouth for proper aeration of the wine

  • Since it comes with a cork, some may find it to be intrusive and an extra

Verdict: Not all decanters come with stylish looking corks as well. And definitely not all of them bring in the orient instantly to your living room. Go for it and let loose tales from afar.

Venero Wine Aerator Decanter Set - Lead Free Crystal Glass Carafe and Stopper - Aerating Liquor Pourer with Lid for...

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Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System

If you’re the absolute connoisseur who prefers to decant wine with your own hands, look no further than Rabbit’s super decanter system. With a chiselled look that brightens your wine and your mood, this set comes with detachable filters and funnels. So that you enjoy the best quality wine, made better by your own interventions.

With a uniquely fitting wine spray funnel and thin filter screen, you can now enjoy literally every drop of wine. What’s more? The filters allow not more than one millimetre of sediment to be left behind. Its unique cut makes wine flow down in droplets, letting it intake oxygen and enhance its flavour. And the best part is, it looks great on your home bar as well as table top. Also, except the decanter, all other parts that come with it can be safely chucked into the dishwasher.

  • It is a unique set complete with a filter and funnel
  • It serves quite a functional purpose with a simple design
  • The detachable parts of the decanter are dishwasher-friendly, hence lessening your worries.

  • Aesthetics of design might be a little low
  • Users might find it to be a bit of a hassle, arranging all things together

Verdict: If you love fresh wines as much as entertaining guests, then this complete set is ideal for you. It quite adds the personal touch and lets you preserve leftover wine securely, with its aroma intact.

Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System

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Riedel Cabernet Decanter

If you’re looking for high class decanters that perfectly display the wine’s gorgeous colour even with low light conditions all around, Riedel won’t disappoint you. With a clear cut shape that defies conventions and sets new standards in elegance, this decanter will be apt for gatherings where smooth wine is a must. Soak in the glory of company while enjoying the ease of serving from brilliant crockery. The simple, hassle-free way of pouring wine is a joy in itself.

  • It has a wide mouth allows young wine to breathe and enhance its flavour
  • Elegant, hand blown design makes the perfect cut for aestheticians keen on sourcing exquisite items.
  • Makes for an easy and hassle free way of serving wine.

  • Some users may find the opening to be small and not wide or voluminous enough for proper aeration.

Verdict: With a simple design and made with top notch craftsmanship, this is a real steal.

Riedel Cabernet Decanter

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$39.78 $39.80

Decodyne Wine Decanter

Add the absolute wow factor to your table and crockery with this gorgeous offering from Decodyne. Handcrafted with precision that reflects from each curve, this slender and elegant decanter will set the topic of all discussions. Offering a spill-free experience, this wonderful piece made of lead-free glass is hand blown and is sure to offer a richly satisfying experience.

  • Very uniquely designed, and with the utmost precision.
  • Perfect for individual use as well as for gifting purposes.
  • It offers a no-spilling facade and texture.

  • Some would find the design to be too kinky and difficult to handle.
  • It might be a little difficult to clean and may even require extra care and attention.
  • The part where the wine pours out from may be too thin and hence its flow might not be that fast, and may spill over.

Verdict: Combining aesthetics and modern use, this decanter is for the connoisseur looking to add an element of surprise to the table. Go for it to make your moments even more memorable.

Decodyne Wine Decanter - 100% Hand Blown, Crystal Glass, Lead-free Red Wine Carafe - Provides Intense Aerating in a Stunning...

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Culinaire Crystal Glass Wine Decanter with Handle

Sit with a jug of wine as your friends roll out their cards one by one. You read that right. This wine decanter from Culinaire is like a perfect jug with fine wine flowing through it for all the fun times. If you’re young and young at heart, this lovely handcrafted one is for you. Many wine lovers find it difficult to manage decanters with no handle as they feel it slips and has a chance of getting broken. But with a stylishly crafted handle on this one, good news for you! Take selfies in one hand and pour wine with the other. Adding hash tags had never been this easy.

  • The handle makes it convenient to hold and pour wine, allaying fears of slippery glass
  • A very bohemian and fun look to funk up your room
  • Slanting spout prevents spilling of wine

  • Some might find the handle to be an eyesore and an aesthetic displeasure.
  • Even though the handle might seem very useful, you have to use it carefully as the joint may have cracks soon if you are a heavy user.

Verdict: Marrying convenience with aesthetics, Culinaire brings to you a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also imbued with properties required of functional usage. You won’t be disappointed with this uniquely handcrafted decanter.

Culinaire Crystal Glass Wine Decanter

Last update was in: July 17, 2019 4:38 pm

Skull Head Wine Decanter

You must be quirky to own this skull head wine decanter. Made of hand blown borosilicate glass, this uniquely designed and long lasting decanter is bound to grab eyeballs and be one remarkable piece of crockery. Pour your wine and perk up the ambience, this skull will be the perfect company. What’s more? You don’t need to buy extra stuff for Halloween decorations. Just chuck in some dry ice and dim the lights.

  • The quirky design adds to your home decor
  • Comes with a detachable cork that’s easy to handle

  • Some might find its design too quirky to suit all kinds of decor.
  • Since a lot of carving went into the glass, it might be too fragile for use and may even crack sooner than you had expected

Verdict: This high quality and quirkily printed wine decanter is perfect for the adventurous wine lover and doubles up as a decor item. Go ahead and buy this to spruce up your ambience a bit.

Qinmay Funny Crystal Skull Head Vodka Bottle Creative Gothic Wine Vodka Decanter Glass Skull Face Bottles Bottling

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IL Decantino, Aerator and Decanter

This extremely elegant and classy wine decanter is perfect for your house and works wonders to enhance the taste of your wine. It instantly decants wine as you pour and its durable glass is strong to hold. Made of European handcrafted glass, this elegant decanter is smooth to the touch and is absolutely perfect for your wine tasting sessions.

  • Classy look and premium finish adds volumes to your decor and ambience
  • Can be used for casual serving as well as wine tasting
  • It’s a wonderful gifting option

  • Users may take some time getting used to handling it and might even find it difficult to clean and take care.
  • Since it’s so fine and smooth, users may find it to be a little too fragile

Verdict: Il Decantino offers a completely different and unique looking decanter with its own mechanism. Buy it for a completely different and new experience; gift it to share your experiences with loved ones. You won’t find such exquisitely classy products everywhere.

IL Decantino, Aerator and Decanter

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Eisberg Wine Decanter Aerator

Modern homes need innovative styles of cutlery and crockery to go with it. And if you are a lover of all things fine and can’t do without wine, Eisberg’s wine decanter is waiting just for you! With a sleek design that catches the eye, this decanter is even more stylish with that twisted glass around its neck. Its unique craftsmanship with a mountain bottom enables you to enjoy wine and appreciate the best of art.

  • It is made of lead-free, BPA-free glass and is safe to store edible liquids.
  • Its wide bottom enables better aeration and thereby enhancing its flavour.
  • Your ice will float thanks to the wide base

  • The mountain bottom might grow stained after repeated usage and it would become difficult to clean.

Verdict: This one of a kind hand-crafted decanter is not only a great addition to your decor, but it serves its purpose as a uniquely designed piece of crockery.

Eisberg Wine Decanter Aerator-100% Hand Blown Lead-Free Crystal Glass,Brand-New Design Elegant Red Wine and Liquor Carafe Set,Crafted Liquor Accessories,Wine Gift...

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$39.99 $59.95

How should you choose the perfect wine decanter?

Given the sheer number of choices and the wide variety of designs, it can get difficult choosing the right one that ticks majority or all your boxes. Now, it’s always wise to buy a decanter that serves your main purpose- decanting and serving wine. And not just that, it should have the ability to keep young wine fresh and aromatic for long.

Considering all these, budget is also a primary factor. Don’t go for exorbitantly priced decanters just because they score high on visual aesthetics and are quirky. Also, it’s wise to not make impulsive decisions based on what the retailer is saying or you have a sudden urge to buy it.

Care must be taken to buy objects like wine decanters as they are meant for long term use. While you may want to buy something fancy, there might be another fancier one with greater utility. Always look for parts like handles, wide mouths or bottoms. It also has to be noticed whether the spout has some slant or not. Sometimes, the filters that come with these decanters need to be thoroughly checked as to whether they are properly working or not.

And then there are also people who want a basic decanter with minimum frills, but later on may wish to have bought something fancier. It’s going to be used for wine, after all! And it’s the nature of this drink to want something more than just functional.

If gifting is your sole purpose, go for a decanter that is within your budget, doesn’t look cheap or is made of second grade materials and looks great enough to adorn somebody else’s cabinet. But make sure you confirm the choices of that person who you want to gift the decanter to.

Why would you need a wine decanter?

Like you have a special cereal bowl in which to have breakfast every day, your wine needs to be poured from a special piece of crockery that does justice to its taste and texture. You can’t just pour wine from a random glass unless you have already decanted it.

While wine lovers agree that not all wine has to be decanted, it’s your personal choice and ideas about drinking wine, really. Though white wines and slightly aged ones need to be decanted because of the aggravated flavour that hides the smoothness and aroma. Rather, all wines are almost always decanted; otherwise you just can’t taste it. Simple.

So, if you’re a simple wine lover or a connoisseur, a decanter would be perfect not just as an accessory but for being that piece of crockery which hold something you love.

The final verdict

When it comes down to finally choosing a decanter and using it, you can never be sure of your choice unless you have actually used it. If unusual looking decanters with aesthetics on point are your thing, then Culinaire’s jug should be your choice. Going functional is never a bad thing, and if sleek, simple objects with high functionality are your thing, then go for the Riedel decanter.

For a long term investment, a wine decanter is always a great option. It gives you pleasure each time you serve wine and always brightens up a conversation. Sometimes you may want to buy things after you see them somewhere else. Perhaps you spot a decanter at your office party or maybe at a friend’s place you find out that the expensive looking decanter is not that expensive at all. While you still might be debating over the functionality vs. aesthetics point, it’s better to always try out something new and then go for analysing the choice.

No matter what innovations take place, or how many “wine aggregators” you meet, giving you the best ways to decant with new and improved decanters, nothing beats wine being poured from an old school decanter.

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