Best wood pellet storage containers

Wood pellets are great for cooking with various tools. Keeping your pellets dry, safe and secure is important to achieve the best results in your cooking. Wood pellets often come in a 40 pound bag which can be quite a lot to handle, but that’s also why it’s important to get the best wood pellet storage container for your pellets.

What makes a good wood pellet container?

A storage container for wood pellets need to be fully sealed to keep out water and other bacteria. Getting your wood dry or rotten will destroy your pellets and make it unsafe and unusable for cooking. Which will result in you needing to buy a new batch of pellets.

What is the best size for a wood storage container?

I would personally advice to get a rather large container or containers to be able to keep all your pellets safe. A 5 gallon container is a good size to both be able to have the container indoor and also be able to store a good amount of pellets.

When should you store your pellets?

Pellets get shipped and transported in bags. The bags are great to keep the pellets safe and avoiding damage during shipping, however they are not optional for storage, that is why we always move our pellets from the transportation bag straight to a storage container for a more safe environment.

Where should you store your pellets?

The storage container can be placed many places. You can keep it outside, in a tool room, inside of your house and so on. To keep the pellets as good as possible the space you place your container is dry and covered from rain, moist and animals. A good sealed container does a good job to keep unwanted stuff to enter your wood pellets, but placing the container near places where it is open to heavy rain, will make it more likely to be damaged by water. Also keep the storage away from heating sources as the pellets is flammable

What is the best wood pellets storage container

Buddeez 03701B original Kingsford charcoal kaddy

The buddeez perfectly holds 40 pounds of wood pellets. The container is sealed and will keep your wood pellets safe and dry with the sealed lit. The pellets will be kept dry enough so they don’t swell or get soft. Even do I don’t place my containers without cover from heavy rain, some of the reviewers state that the container kept the pellets completely dry.

The flip up lit makes it easy to transfer the pellets from the container to the smoker. The design of the container makes it easy to have mire than one container stacked side by side or even on top of eachother. Which will make it possible to have more to be able to store different flavors of wood pellets without using to much space.

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