Bullfrog Hot Tub and Spas Review – 2020

Finding a review before making a big purchase like a hot tub or spa is very important and insuring. That is why we have collected bullfrog Hot tub and spas reviews here in this aritcle, to make sure you make an informed decision when it comes to getting the perfect hot tub or spa for you. 


Things to consider before buying Bullfrog hot tubs and spas

In the Bullfrog hot tub review, we would like to take a look at the factors that you need to look at before buying these spas.

• The Price – The adage of you get what you pay off, applies to the hot tubs. The materials that they use will affect the price but, more than anything, be fiscally responsible.

• The Size – The size of the hot tub that you choose will also determine the installation costs as well as other elements like the number of seats, jets, and pumps.

• Filtration System – The filtration and cooling system that you choose will also determine the cost. What kind of system that you already have in your home, and how both these systems can be connected.

• The Entertainment System – Nothing’ relaxes like a spa, and nothing sets the mood like music. Music and spas go together like champagne and bubbles. So whatever entertainment system that you choose should be able to set the acoustic mood correctly.


Bullfrog hot tubs and Spas Line

The Bullfrog hot tubs and Spas Line gives you up to a ten-person Spa with the M series and up to an eight-seater from the A-series.
Similarly, you have several Lounger massages and Captain’s Chairs that work to massage using the available luxury jets for a healing touch on your backside. Moreover, up to seven mighty swim jets supply the adjustable current for everything from low-impact aqua aerobics to a challenging straight-line swim for endurance.

Technical Specifications for the top line M9 spa 


• Seats Up to 10 Adults
• Standard Dimensions 7’10” (2.39m) x 9’2″ (2.79m) x 38″ (.97m)
• Patented JetPak Therapy System®
• The waterproof touch-screen and auxiliary multifunction controls.
• Patented EnduraFrame™ Construction
• Simplicity™ Filtration System
• Patented EOS™ O3 System.
• A filtration pump that’s dedicated to each unit
• Premium LED lighting that surrounds the spa.
• Integrated Waterfalls to enhance the mood.
• Water Capacity 566 Gallons (2143 Liters)
• 3 Power Jets with 2-Speed
• 29 Elevated Seat Therapy Jets for feet, wrists, hips, and legs.
• A total of 323 Jets Available

Technical Specifications for the top-line Model A8D Spa

• Seating Capacity is up to 5 adults.
• Standard Dimensions are 7’10” (2.39m) x 7’10” (2.39m) x 38″ (.97m)
• Water Capacity is 512 Gallons
• EnduraFrame Construction
• Patented EternaWood™ Cabinet
• Two 4.8BHP 2-Speed Industrial 56-Frame water pumps
• Interior and Top Rail LED Light System
• A total of 226 jets available.

Features & Benefits

The great thing about the Bullfrog hot tubs and Spas Line is the number of high quality, precision, and custom made features under the hood.

The JetPak Therapy System™

The Bullfrog JetPak Therapy system is a patented system that is geared towards those who use the spa for therapy purposes. So if your body has some aches and pains, the jets will target these areas with unique massages. Similarly, the system comes with 16 different jetpacks to create a truly customizable experience.

Water Care

Spa owners know just how difficult it is to clean it and just how important the water care system is to the spa lifecycle. Bullfrog has attacked this issue with a three-headed solution including:
The EOS O3™ System, the FROG® and @ease®, this is a filtration and sanitation system that minimizes the hassle of maintaining clean, bright, healthy water. Furthermore, the three working together will have spa water that needs even less chemical additives and requires minimal attention.

Ozone System, EOS O3™

The EOS takes water purification to a new level that could be twice as effective at oxidizing out impurities. Moreover, the three-part system creates as much as twice the amount of ozone and O3 gas. This sanitizes water at a higher level and vaporizes the O3 gas effectively as well.

Reliable Construction

The patented EnduraFrame structure eliminates the use of metal and wood that comes with other conventional spas. Using metal or wood leaves a spa life cycle of 3-5 years. However, this Bullfrog Spa EnduraFrame support structure is a sturdy molded ABS frame that will last a lot longer.
In other words, this spa is well built and will last a long time.

Energy Efficiency

They build these Bullfrog Spas with full-foam insulation. Also, it includes up to 90% less plumbing. Consequently, this design creates an energy-efficient structure that will reduce your electrical bill compared to the other models in the market place. Data also shows that these spas are the most energy-efficient in their class.

The Sound system

You can select from quality sound components as expansion options for your spa: The Bluetooth sound system with the unmatched quality of exceptional sound can be connected to your smartphone, so you do not have to bring any more components.
The speakers give you sound you can feel. This remarkable audio technology uses factory-installed transducer speakers to turn the very walls of your spa into stereo speakers! The sound surrounds you. Equally surprising is the localization; you may be reclined in your spa listening to music, but people outside the spa just a few feet away will hear only a pleasant background.

Bullfrog hot tub reviews
We went online to see what people are saying about the Bullfrog lines, and below are some of those reviews.


Bullfrog spas reviews
Bullfrog has some of the best spas in their respective class; below is what people had to say about them too.


These are the three top alternatives to the Bullfrogs spas if you are looking to compare and contrast the models.

  1. Essential Hot Tubs 30-Jet 2020 Adelaide Hot Tub, Seats 5-6, Gray.
    This is a truly plug and play spa that you can plug into any standard 120V/15A outlet, and it comes with a GFCI cord that comes included. Nothing can be easier to operate. It also comes with 30 stainless steel adjustable jets.
    It is on the cheaper end in the class, but it also comes with fewer features and options than the Bullfrog spas.
  2. Essential Hot Tubs 67-Jet 2020 Syracuse Hot Tub, Seats 5-6, Gray With 5-6, ergonomic seating including Lounge and Captain’s Chairs, this unit has a lot of spacing for the buyer’s needs. The Lounger will give a full body massage and a more invigorating one in the Captain’s Chair. This unit is also plug_and_play with 240 volts electrical connection and comes with 67 adjustable jets. 
  3. LIFE SMART 4 Person Plug & Play Square Hot Tub Spa with 13 Jets and Cover, Beige
    this plug and play spa comes with 13 high powered hydrotherapy jets that provide the spa experience at home. It sits four comfortably and comes with an easy installation process and plug and play capabilities as well. 

If you need a home spa for health or recreational reasons, then you could not go wrong with the Bullfrog series of spas. They are top of the line with custom features and a plethora of options in its class. It’s made from sturdy materials and easily customizable to tackle your aches and pains.

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