Dewalt Handheld Leaf Blower Review – DCBL770X1 60V MAX

Wondering if you should purchase a handheld leaf blower? Then read our Dewalt Handheld Leaf Blower review below

Plants and trees have their own charm. Studies have proved that human body and mind gets relaxed whenever a fresh breathe is taken, standing upon the green grass. If you are also keen of plants and own a garden then you must have to tackle with fallen leaves to make your garden look and feel fresh. Looking for something to clean the things up for you without any hassles? A perfect debris and leaves blower is something you should get your hands upon to clear out the things like never before. Collecting leaves one by one and protecting it from wind scattering seems daunting, right? Dewalt DCBL 770X1 Blower promises complete satisfaction with its ultra reliable motor and handy design.

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Dewalt Handheld Leaf Blower Review – DCBL770X1 60V MAX

Dewalt is a one-of-a-kind wireless blower available in the market with adjustable speed settings to worn out even the stickiest of things. Here is a range of features it offers that makes it stands out of the crowd.

Dewalt Handheld Leaf Blower review
Dewalt Handheld Leaf Blower review

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Why Should You Buy DEWALT DCBL770X1 Handheld Leaf Blower?

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Unlike other blowers that are not handy to use for longer durations, Dewalt offers handy grips. With its easy to use design and changeable nozzles, even a novice can perform the task flawlessly. Just grab it in your hand, press the button and it will blow out the debris.

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Dewalt has set a benchmark for less noise pollution causing blowers. With a rating of 67db (A), it produces less sound and can be used without any ear buds or covers.

[/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”Innovative and Powerful Motor” style=”3″]

Renowned for its powerful commercial duty motor, Dewalt DCBL 770X1 has a capacity of 423 CFM. With its brushless and effective motors it can create an air storm with a speed surpassing 129 MPH which is really herculean to blow up heavy debris and sticky materials. You also get the access to several options to blow out things with less or more power.

[/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”Lightweight” style=”3″]

The commitment and efforts squander in vain if the product is not of suitable weight. Large cleaning areas require holding the blower for longer durations and a hefty one is definitely not an option. Dewalt is a machine that is compact, lightweight, powerful and compliments your skills and abilities at the same time. So you can clear your destined areas with holding it for longer durations.

[/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”Cordless” style=”3″]

Cord always acts as an obstacle when you are away from your home and have no access to power backup. Even short cords require extension to make it work for larger areas. Dewalt DCBL 770X1 offers a rechargeable battery option that can be used to blow out things anytime without any access to electricity. Its 60 V lithium ion rechargeable battery offers a subtle backup that let you clean up things anytime and anywhere.


Wrap Up of our Dewalt Handheld Leaf Blower Review

Buying a qualitative and effective blower is a need for everyone and sometimes seems daunting when you have too many options. Dewalt is a complete package that offers all-in-all futuristic design and utmost powerful performance even in harsh areas like construction sites. Its robust design allows easy handling and tunnel design for powerful wind generation. No need for checking out every blower available in the market, when you have Dewalt on-board!



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