Weber Spirit Vs Genesis Grills : Which Should You Buy?

Who doesn’t love a grill? Who doesn’t love having a nice little grill where they can grill the meats and the veggies, sit back on the weekend and dive into the pleasures of the food. Everyone’s fond of grills. They are the weekend getaway things, things that mark the chill out of the busy weekdays where you can just let go of everything and relax.

We have seen many people opt for hiking and trekking on the weekends. They take along the grills with them into the luscious green hills and grill the foods they want. But that’s for the outside trekking. When it comes to the home grills, there’s plenty of it and we here geared on about some gas grills for today.

If it’s a new grill that entices you, the there might be chances you are fluffing between the long list of available grills in the market. And you happen to stop by at whether go for the Weber Spirit or the Genesis Grills. Well to make the matters easy for you, we here will help you out in deciphering the enigma between these and will provide you with the basis on deciding which one would suit you the best. Read along.

Table Comparison of all models

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Well here’s us with a take on the Weber Spirit Vs. Genesis Grills. Let’s get started.

Weber Spirit Vs Genesis Grills

Both of these grills are one of the trendiest pieces of grills available in the market and they come along with a smart design that is integrated with subtle character and build. These are one of the best values for money gas grills out there in the market and ranks in as an excellent piece of grills for anyone who wants to buy it.

It’s almost like the excellent makeover of these gas grills and their sturdier build makes for a great choice. They come with vas array of functionality and have great lineage for those who are seeking a good grill.

If we were to simply bifurcate them then, Spirit is more accustomed to people who value money in terms of having extra feature and more. While the Genesis one is made for people who are out often in the cookouts and want to seek more functionality. Do not forget to check Weber Q1400 Electric Grill Review

There are both the older versions of these and there’s a new updated models with version II written with them. We’ll test them out for your down below. Read along.

Weber Spirit

Weber Spirit comes along as a grill with a starter kind of package that offers multiple usage. It features two burner Spirit II E-210 model and also has three burner E-310 model under them. It comes along with an option for either liquid propane or natural gas. It comes with a good value for money and offers cooking space with the latter coming models allowing for the reversal of the grates.

The E-210 model comes with improved levels of infinity ignition and also has porcelain enameled bars that offers good output. It also has grease management for better efficiency. There’s over 450 sq inches for cooking with E-210 models and there are two burners therein.

Meanwhile the E-310 model comes with three burners and has almost similar built to the E-210 model albeit a different in cooking space and all. It also features the improved levels of infinity ignition and has the porcelain enameled bars that are flavourized. It also features grease management system. It comes with cast iron cooking grates. It has a cooking space of 529 sq inches.

Things to like about Weber Spirit

  • GS4 Grilling system
  • Pretty open structure
  • Availability in multiple color combinations
  • Availability in 2 and 3 burner combination
  • Comes with iGrill 3
  • Has foldable side shelves
  • Comes with wheels for transportation
  • Drip Pan availability

Weber Genesis

Webber genesis comes along as a viable option for those who are not acquainted well with the Weber Spirit option. It has a much bigger base and configuration than the Spirit model and comes with more features. This is surely for someone who is more into mastery grilling and who knows stuffs about grilling.

It comes in three burner E-310 model and has four burner E-435 model too. And there’s one larger E-640 model too with six burners. The E-310 model features high performance oriented stainless steel based burners and come with enameled bars that are flavourized. It also has new grease management that will help reduce any chances of flares. It comes with cast iron based cooking grates and has a cooking space of 513 sq inches.

The four burner E-435 model features highly powerful GS4 grilling method and also features side burners that allow for simmering BBQ sauces that can sauté the vegetables and more. It also has 10 years of warranty with it. Whilst the six burner E-640 model comes with stainless steel based burners and has grease management for stopping any flare-ups. It also has a whopping 770 sq inches of cooking space and comes with 228 sq inches of tuck-away warming rack that is placed overboard. It also has similar warranty to that of E-435 model.

Things to like about Weber Genesis:

  • 3, 4 AND 6 burner combination
  • Has an open car
  • Comes with side burner
  • Has a sear station burner
  • Features GS4 grilling method
  • Compatible to iGrill 3

Comparison Table

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What’s so similar between these?

There’s quite a few similarities running between them and we certainly got to look into that if we are to compare these two. So let’s get into this part.

1) Features iGrill 3 compatibility

iGrill 3 is a bluetooth meat thermometer that is part of Weber’s own brand and can be placed on the side of the grill. It allows for you to connect to it via your smartphone and then monitor the temperature on the different meat pieces.

It also allows for alert system when the meat is done grilling. That way you can enjoy the meat perfectly.

2) GS4 grilling method

This one is the new standard grilling method that is used along in the modern grills around us. Both of these grills come with high efficiency and performance. It offers unmatched performance when compared to traditional grilling means.

3) Warranty levels

Both of these Weber Spirit and Weber Genesis come with same warranty as the manufacturer for both is same. It’s 10 years of warranty with these ones.

Difference between Weber Spirit Vs Weber Genesis Grill

Well we dealt with the similarities above us, but what are the takes that differentiates them. Let’s gear down to that then.

1) The simplicity

When it comes to simplicity, Weber Spirt grills are more simples to use for. They come in 2 and 3 burner piece and are relatively easy to use for. It has basic starter kit and shares grills that come in handy. It also has grease management for high efficiency performance.

2) Durability Aspect and Build quality

Weber Genesis grills come with high durable aspect. It’s not to say that the Spirit models are any less. But these Genesis ones are more heavily build and features better aspect of performance over long time. Nevertheless, both of these come with 10 years of warranty.

3) No. of burners

The Genesis ones have a large aura of burners and combinations. They come in at 3, 4 and 6 burner combination whilst the Spirit one comes in with just 2 and 3 burners. That high number of numbers allows for better and faster cooking.

4) Cooking Space

Since the Genesis series comes with high number of burners, which to simply state that there’s more cooking space on this one. Think of it, you want to cook a whole lot of bunch of meat and there’s just small cooking space? Would that be good? I guess not. This is where the Genesis beats it hands down with its wide cooking space.

5) Price and availability

When it comes to pricing, Genesis is priced a tad higher than the Spirit model as it is more for those people who are fascinated in the grills. It’s for them who are more accustomed to grilling mastery and are not a novice in it. That’s where Genesis targets the audience and this is why it’s priced a bit higher. Also take in the aspect that it has more burners too. Whilst the Spirit model is for the basic of gas grilling. For you, we have selected the best gas grills under 300 in this post.

Final Words

Both of these grills have magnificent usage and are rightly heralded as the major gas grills out in the market. These come with different burner combinations and now are further updated adhering to their new and recent updated series II. This makes for a jovial piece of grill for anyone who’s looking to buy one.

But if we were to categorise them, then Spirit would be for the basic usage whilst the Genesis would go for the mastery grilling ways. Guess it depends on what usage you’d want the grill for. That will pave the answer for your decision.

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