What is an airtight container and why you need one!

What is an airtight container? An airtight container is a container that prevents your food and other goods from being exposed to air from outside. Airtight containers keep air away from your food. That is why they are also good to take on your outdoor camping trips.

You may have heard of coffee grounds losing flavor from being in a non-resealable bag for too long. Perhaps you’ve even heard of kitchen situations where baked goods go stale from being exposed to moisture for too long. An airtight container is just the right fit for keeping your food and other items free from different types of harm that may ruin them.

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What are the benefits of airtight containers?

What is an airtight container?
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Airtight containers, as mentioned before, can keep your food from going stale. It can also keep your food safe from getting freezer burn and absorbing odors.

Preventing Food From Spoilage

Aside from keeping your food safe from air, as that is the main problem with keeping your food out in the open, even when it is in durable containers in the fridge, it can also keep your food from going bad sooner. The process of where your food goes bad is caused by oxidation or air contact with the food container.
Not only can your food go bad from oxidation or air, but it can also develop bacteria and germs that are present in the air which causes your food to spoil.
To prevent your food from going bad, using an airtight container may be the solution.

Keeping A Peace of Mind & Organization

If we keep food inside in airtight containers it will look organized and beautifully arranged.

If you decide to use airtight containers to keep your food and other pantry items, you will notice that it is easy to arrange and looks more organized without the clunky boxes and packaging that the goods may have come in.

Also, food can be a very touchy subject thing in our day-to-day life. We want to know that what we are eating is safe for our bodies. Using an airtight container can serve as peace of mind, knowing that the contents inside are safe from rancidity and other types of things that can be harmful to our bodies.

Foods To Store in Airtight containers

Some of the items that you might buy at the grocery store tend to take up a lot of space and also would last longer if put in an airtight container.
Here are some items to put in airtight containers.

Coffee Grounds and Beans: Your Coffee will be so much flavorful and fresh when you use it out of an airtight container. Coffee, when exposed to air, loses its potency. Keeping it in an airtight container will make a better cup of coffee in the morning.

Baking Flour: This may take a larger container since flour can come in pretty bulky bags. Make sure you reserve one of your bigger containers for flour, especially if you buy it in a larger bag.

Sugars: This is an item that attracts a lot of moisture. Putting it in an airtight container should help prevent it from forming clumps.

Whole Grain, Rice, and Beans: Keeping these in airtight containers will keep any unwelcome flavors and odors out.

Dried Fruits: Keeping dried fruits in airtight containers will prevent them from hardening or becoming stale.

Foods not to Store in Airtight Containers

Some foods do not work well in airtight containers for specific reasons.

Here are a couple of food items that should not be in airtight containers:

Herbs: Herbs should always be kept in an environment that clean and cool to ensure that their flavors are full when you cook with them.

Potatoes: This is another item that should be kept in a cool area. Potatoes should also be well ventilated as they have pores that breathe and need air to keep them fresher.

Most of the items you will be kept in airtight containers will be food-related due to food being one of the resources that expire or contaminants if not in the right conditions.

Keeping airtight containers can ensure that your pantry items will be healthy and free from any ailing food contamination. Having peace of mind by keeping airtight containers for your bulk cooking items may be worth it if you desire to keep your kitchen items fresh and ready for cooking.

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